Interpretation Equipment

Translation technology (equipment and booths) ensures that the message is getting across to event audiences; hence the cutting edge technology and conference services GVTN offers boost the success of any event. Every detail is thoroughly overseen by a head technician to ensure that the event is free of setbacks and interference. GVTN uses FM and Infrared translation devices, microphones, specialized booths and signal amplifiers to ensure that each conference goer is fully able to grasp the message.

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    Our soundproof booths – built in aluminum framework and tempered glass- used for translation are a great supplement to every event and congress. Their quality ensures that the sound reaches attendees through a portable device without disturbing other participants that do not require translation. The booths are a prestigious and welcoming display of international standards used at renowned meetings.

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    The state-of-the-art technique of sound emission through light is the most advance technology in translation devices. Infrared equipment can be used for large groups. Its unparalleled quality is ideal for confidential or highly important events between governments and multinationals.

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    FM translation receivers for large groups. These modern devices transmit translation via radio frequencies and are very user friendly.