Translation Agency vs AI Translations

Translation Agency vs AI Translations

Is it a better choice for a Small Business Owner to use a Translation Agency vs AI Translations?


Machine Learning – Computer vs Human

Machine learning is when a computer performs a task without using detailed instructions.

Patterns and inference is what AI, Artificial Intelligence, relies on.

Inference: With the help of inference, AI reaches a conclusion based on evidence and reasoning.

So basically, when you are using AI, you are allowing a computer to make its own conclusions.

Can you trust the conclusion made by a computer?


Translation Agency – Human vs Computer

As indicated earlier, Machine Learning will perform your translation task by using inference.

Your document will be delivered based on the evidence and reasoning from a computer.

Do you think this is a good idea?

A Translation Agency will ensure that your document is accurate and in context.

AI can not translate your document in context.


Translation Agency VS AI [ Avoid Costly Mistakes ]

Artificial Intelligence is not able to translate your document in context yet and because of this costly mistakes can be made.

Using A Translation Agency might be more expensive, but is it really worth investing your money to translate an urgent document that is out of context?

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