Affordable Transcription Services In Johannesburg

SimplyTranslate offers affordable transcription services in Johannesburg and our transcription services are available in 200 different languages.

SimplyTranslate also accept files that require transcription in video or audio format.


Affordable Transcription Services With Trained Transcribers


Whether you need transcription services for your e-learning programs, advertising material or documentaries, SimplyTranslate is your number one transcription service agency in South Africa.

We have trained transcribers who can translate your audio files into a time-coded format or into different languages to be edited with subtitles.

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Transcription Formats | MP3, WAV And Many More


  1. Wav ( Waveform Audio File Format )
  2. MP3
  3. AVI
  4. CD
  5. DVD
  6. MPEG

Submit your audio files through the contact form on the website for an obligation free quote.

Dutch Sworn Translation Services In Johannesburg

Do you need Dutch Sworn Translation Services? Are you based in Johannesburg?


Affordable Dutch Sworn Document Translation


SimplyTranslate can help your business with sworn translation services in Dutch which is a West Germanic Language.

Below is a list of documents you can send to us for Dutch Sworn Translation:

  1. Affidavit document.
  2. Birth certificate document.
  3. Death Certificate document.
  4. Divorce.
  5. Marriage Certificate .
  6. Will – Testament.

Sworn document translation requires a sworn translator to appear in the High Court of South Africa.

After appearing in the High Court of South Africa, the sworn translator must take an oath that the document provided will be faithful and correct to the best of the ability of the sworn translator.


How to upload your Dutch Documents?


Navigate to our obligation free quote page to upload your dutch documents. Get an obligation free dutch sworn translation quote within 2 minutes.

Professional French Translation Services In Johannesburg

SimplyTranslate is a trusted and reliable translation agency able to translate your documents from and to french from 150 other languages.


Translate Your Documents To And From French Within 24  Hours


Receive documents you submit for french translation within 24 hours.

  • Birth Certificate Documents
  • Marriage Certificate Documents
  • Divorce Paper Documents
  • Police Record Documents
  • Bank Statement Documents


Do You Have A Strict Deadline For Your French Document?


SimplyTranslate has a proven track record of finalizing documents to and from French with strict deadlines.

If the document provided is too much work to finalize within the deadline specified, SimplyTranslate will provide a quote and period of time to complete the documents.


How Much Does French Translation Services Cost?


French translation services cost depends on the amount of words of the document.

Feel free to submit your french documents through our obligation free quote form on our website.


Document Translation Services In Sandton, Johannesburg

Did you know that the name Sandton comes from a combination of two close suburbs, Sandown and Bryanston.


Document’s We Can Translate For You

Translate any of the documents mentioned below within 24 hours.

  • Foreign Patent.
  • Immigration Documents.
  • Documents For Home Affairs Department.
  • Death Certificate From A Medical Practitioner.
  • Marriage Certificates.
  • Divorce Certificates.
  • Passport.
  • Adoption


Sandton, Randburg, Bryanston – Not A Problem


We are able to assist you with affordable, reliable, fast and error-free translation services.

Whether you are from Sandton, Randburg or Bryanston, it will not be a problem for SimplyTranslate to deliver your translated documents back to you within 24 hours.


Upload Your Documents For An Obligation Free Translation Quote Within 2 Minutes

Document Translation Services Within 24 Hours

Receive Quality, Fast and Reliable Document Translation Services Within 24 Hours.


24 Hour Document Translation Services


Do you have documents you need to translate within 24 hours?

You don’t deserve waiting a few days for your translation documents when you can receive your documents within 24 hours without errors.


Translate Your Document In Over 250+ Languages


Would you like to do business with a translation agency who has a reliable reputation?

Would you like to do business with a translation agency who will deliver your documents back to you without errors? Look no further!


Upload Your Documents For An Obligation Free Translation Quote Within 2 Minutes

Identity Document Translation Services Within 24 Hours


Receive Quality, Fast and Reliable Identity Document Translation Services Within 24 Hours.


What Is An Identity Document?


An identity document is a document received by the government.

The main purpose of an identity document is to confirm the identity of a person as well as a timeline of past events.

Receive Quality, Fast and Reliable Identity Document Translation Services within 24 hours.


Upload Your Documents For An Obligation Free Translation Quote Within 2 Minutes


3 Reasons Why You Need A Reliable Translator

Thank You For Deciding To Read Our 3 Reasons Why You Need A Reliable Translator, Enjoy!


#1 – Receive Your Document(s) On Time


It is necessary to work with a reliable translator at all times.

Deciding to work with a translator you can trust will definitely help you sleep at night without being concerned about when your document will be received.

This is why you need a translator who will deliver your documents on time.


#2 – Receive Your Document Error-Free


It is necessary to work with a reliable translator, especially if you need to translate your passport document.

Furthermore, A reliable translator will provide you with grammatically correct sentences without punctuation errors.


#3 – Hire A Reliable Translator Who Values Your Business


Always look at the available testimonials of the translator you are hiring to translate your documents.

Receive error-free translation services within 24 hours.

Upload Your Documents For An Obligation Free Translation Quote Within 2 Minutes

Translation Agency vs AI Translations

Is it a better choice for a Small Business Owner to use a Translation Agency vs AI Translations?


Machine Learning – Computer vs Human

Machine learning is when a computer performs a task without using detailed instructions.

Patterns and inference is what AI, Artificial Intelligence, relies on.

Inference: With the help of inference, AI reaches a conclusion based on evidence and reasoning.

So basically, when you are using AI, you are allowing a computer to make its own conclusions.

Can you trust the conclusion made by a computer?


Translation Agency – Human vs Computer

As indicated earlier, Machine Learning will perform your translation task by using inference.

Your document will be delivered based on the evidence and reasoning from a computer.

Do you think this is a good idea?

A Translation Agency will ensure that your document is accurate and in context.

AI can not translate your document in context.


Translation Agency VS AI [ Avoid Costly Mistakes ]

Artificial Intelligence is not able to translate your document in context yet and because of this costly mistakes can be made.

Using A Translation Agency might be more expensive, but is it really worth investing your money to translate an urgent document that is out of context?

Upload Your Documents For An Obligation Free Translation Quote Within 2 Minutes

Translate English Document To Afrikaans Within 24 Hours

Translate Your Documents From English To Afrikaans…

Do you have an English document you need to translate from English to Afrikaans?

Would you like error-free document translation services with a quick turnaround time?

We Can Help With:

– Business Translation
– Medical Translation
– Technical Translation
– English to Afrikaans document translation.


Localized Content Adapting Cultural Implication


Our expansive network of 8000 translators is well spread across the world. We take pride in our in-country team of translators because they are capable of delivering localized content, adapting cultural implication before making delivery.

This is to ensure that the final delivery will read naturally to your audience.

You Are Safe With Our Highly Experienced Translators


Obligation Free English to Afrikaans Quote In 2 Minutes


Would you like to receive an obligation free Afrikaans to English document translation quote?

Upload Afrikaans documents through our website and select the source language as ‘English’ and the target language as ‘Afrikaans’ for an obligation free quote within 2 minutes.

Another option is to reach us via phone –whichever option works for you is okay with us. [Call From A Mobile: 011 568 9824]

We accept files of different formats, and we can deliver to any part of the World.


011 568 9824


Stop waiting hours for a translation quote! Receive your documents, error free, within 24 hours.


Documents Translated and Delivered In Less Than 24 Hours

SimplyTranslate believes in fast and effective service delivery.

If you are looking for translation agency able to translate your documents with a quick turnaround time as well as error-free, look no further.


More than 250+ Languages Available For Your Documents

Choose between 250+ languages available for your document.

A few of our languages include Albanian, Chinese, Arabic, English, Greek, French, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Bulgarian, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu and many more…


Receive Your Documents Without Errors

Receive your documents without errors, within 24 hours.

If you are looking for a reliable translation service agency who will deliver your work with no errors, look no further.

Upload Your Document And Select Your (Target & Source) Language For An Obligation Free Quote Within 2 Minutes.