Language Interpretation Services

We offer professional language interpretation services in major cities around the world, and our services are designed for businesses and individuals alike. Our interpreters are capable of translating over 150 languages to English.


Below are some of the interpretation services we offer


  • Business interpreting: for meetings and negotiations
  • Court interpreting: Available in South Africa alone
  • conference interpretation services: Consecutive and simultaneous at the same time
  • Consecutive interpreting services
  • Interpreting Equipment Hire
  • Simultaneous Interpreting service
  • On demand interpretation services


Our interpreters


When you need to book an interpreter

All you need do is to inform us, and we will handle the rest. After devising the best solution for you, we will send you a quote. Once you give your approval, we will give some briefings to our interpreters, as doing so helps improve their performance.

To book an interpreter, please fill out our interpreting contact form  or give us a call.

Conference interpreting service

We understand that conference interpreting demands 100% accuracy. Our interpreters, having expertise in certain business areas can provide quick and reliable interpretation. We will not only help organize your event, we will also provide you with interpreting materials and equipment.

Interpreting equipment hire

We provide interpreters and at the same time provide all equipment needed for effective and reliable interpretation. We provide microphones, delegate headset, PA systems and booths for interpreters. Our dedicated technicians will be on ground to assist with all installations.

Court interpreting services

The interpreters we use for court interpretation are certified, CRB checked and are well versed with the law.

Consecutive Interpreting services

This form of interpretation requires an interpreter to take notes while delegates are conversing. Speakers will then go on recess; giving room for the interpreter to interpret all that had been discussed. This will continue until the discussion is concluded. Consecutive interpreting is ideal for business meetings and training sessions.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Ideal for large training sessions and conferences, simultaneous interpretation runs uninterruptedly. Unlike consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting requires no waiting.